marine toys for tots foundation

Story of Marines Toys for Tots

Marines Toys for Tots – Every year since 1947, US Marines across the United States to conduct a local campaign for Tots play from October to December For more than 50 years, the Marines have been working tirelessly to bring the joy of the Christmas holidays for poor children in America. The program started in 1947, just two years after the end of World War 11, and the vision of […]

skylander toys list

Enjoy Gaming with Skylander Toys

Skylander Toys – Skylanders is a huge success for Activision unit. But it’s not just a play on the console again. Today, Activision they will bring the latest games in the series, Skylanders trap team, tablets, as well as the keyboard, when for the first time on October 5. The popular game, which requires an interactive sculpture to play, has so far been limited to the Xbox, PlayStation announced. Mobile […]

the polar express toy train

Advantages and Disadvantages Polar Express Toy Train

Polar Express toy train set especially Lionel Polar Express train set scale from fairly easy to put together children and even older can do most of the work by itself. Different parts strong and durable so that they can stand up to rough treatment train young lover. Attention to detail was not spared and the train has a very realistic look. You can even add liquid until the smoke emitting […]

toy bruder trucks

Broder toy trucks for kids

Broder toy trucks – Broder characterized by car service and sophisticated construction site for the kids to play. Most of the games have been designed a construction site for a period of three years and above. However, our son started playing with Bruder trucks and machinery when he was two years old. We have five of their matches: skid steer loader, excavator, telenhandler, dump trucks, and a statue of a […]

amazon angry birds star wars toys

Angry Birds Star Wars Plush Toys

Angry Birds Star Wars Plush Toys – Rovio Entertainment today announced that Star Wars II revealed the Angry Birds game by Hasbro Telepaths technology integration will display, similar to the rights of life play Skylanders Disney and Infiniti. And more than 30 Telepaths collectible figures from Hasbro are available. Players can put these numbers on your phone or tablet camera to scan them in the game. See the video below […]

weeble wobble toys

Weeble Wobble Toys Review

Weeble Wobble Toys – In favor of any person who is not familiar with the concept of Weebles, they are tiny egg-shaped character, without legs, arms a little bit. Therefore, this chapter is a little above weeble. As you can see, it is no legs, and small arms useless, and a flesh-colored shirt. It also appears that the holes where his eyes should be. His motto is “Weebles wobble, but […]

rescue bots toys

Very Cool Rescue Bot Toys

Rescue Bots toys continue third year as part of the “Transformers” line intended for children 7 years and under. Unlike last year’s line, which focuses on most of the characters that retools and redecos play from previous years, and this year offers a full engraving along with a set of new size. Included in the new table is a small figure closer to the Legion class figures lines such as […]